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How Do You Properly Use Gloves?

Your correct use of disposable, non-sterile gloves:

  1. helps prevent the spread of infection and
  2. protects both you, the caregiver, and
  3. the person receiving care, your patient.

The gloves used most often are made of latex, are powder-free and are easy to put on and take off. They are used once only and then discarded. Gloves are not worn all the time when giving care. Touching your patient with bare hands:

  1. shows love and respect,
  2. sends a message of caring and acceptance,
  3. and provides comfort.

Gloves should always be worn if contact is likely to occur with: 

  1. blood
  2. body fluids
  3. ecretions such as urine or feces
  4. membranes such as in the mouth or genitalia
  5. or non-intact skin.

Before you put gloves on, carefully wash and dry your hands. Pull a glove out of the box with one hand and slide it onto your other hand. With your gloved hand, pull another glove out of the box and slide it onto your bare hand.

Interlace your fingers to make the gloves fit smoothly and comfortably.

You should remove your gloves immediately when:

  1. the patient care procedure is complete
  2. if the gloves are heavily soiled
  3. if a glove is torn.
  4. after you have touched your patient's secretions or excretions
  5. before touching another part of the body
  6. before touching any clean surface or object. When you remove your gloves, your intent is to avoid touching the contaminated surfaces of the gloves with your bare hands.

To take off your gloves firmly grip one glove at the base of the palm and pull it off inside out.

Keep holding it in the palm of your gloved hand. Slip your bare fingers under the wrist of the remaining glove without touching its surface.

Push the glove down and off with the first glove tucked inside it. One glove is now inside the other and both are inside out.

Drop the bundle of gloves into a sealable plastic storage bag and seal it tightly. Drop the sealed bag into the trash.

Carefully, wash and dry your hands.