We offer your licensed video(s) a couple of ways

Demo video(s) player

• Build you a video player* with video(s) and you install on your website
• Upload the video(s) to your YouTube channel.

Required facility logo or your name: we will install (no-charge) lower left video frame.


* Free with 3 videos or more

How long is the License period?

The license period is for 1 year, unless specified.

How do I get my video?

Upon verification of payment, you will receive an email with final instructions:


  1. Player w/video(s) code for your webmaster (fee)**
  2. YouTube upload to your channel (no fee)

* You can request for both a Player w/video(s) and YouTube Upload (+$75.00)
** As per licensing agreement, there is a one time Payer creation fee of $50.00 (Free with license of 3+ videos)

What can I do with the video player?

The video code is a self-contained video player and can be added in minutes to any website, blog or most internet sites. We use the streaming services of JWPlayer* via a private playlist created just for your video(s). 

* https://www.jwplayer.com/

Can I get a hardcopy, CD or DVD

You may request a CD or DVD

  • you will be required to add your facility logo to lower frame left.
  • You will also be required to a 3-year license term, paid up front to delivery and shipping costs.  
  • A service fee of $250 for media master and duplication master.
How secure is shopping in the Online Shop? Is my data protected?

The short answer is that we are as secure as any online shop through the PayPal network. Should you like to call in your order, feel free to call us: 1•617•244•7591 x1 (medical products) please leave message and a representative will call right back, thanks.

Do you have a return policy?

Every video is available for your review on this site, please watch it as many time as you need to feel comfortable. There is no refund, money back or credit. Content, software and other "duplicated" materials are at risk of being copied and returned; I hope this is obvious, and hence for our no refund policy. 

Do you integrate into EPIC or other EHR or Portals?

On certain systems, we have the ability to add our videos, scripts and other content options via API. Please contact us at 617-244-7591 x747 or leave a message with operator "0". 

Interested in MedElfEd-API?